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What is EMV?

Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) is credit and debit processing with a microchip processor that is the same size as a regular card. It’s only difference is an embedded smart chip that is difficult to copy because it stores information securely and performs cryptographic processing during all transactions.

EMV is intended to ensure compatibility between the card and the device accessing the card to offer better security for all transactions being processed. Europay Mastercard Visa does not address the entire fraud problem, but it does reduce face-to-face fraud.

The issue with this change is that liability shifts from the credit card companies to the merchants. Here is the timeline for the liability shift for EMV:

October 2016 Liability shifts to ATM owners for fraud committed through any MasterCard debit card.

October 2017 Liability shifts to ATM owners for fraudulent transactions completed on any Visa debit card and fraud committed through automated terminals

What does this mean for the ATM owner and how do I upgrade my ATM to get ready?

All ATMs will need to be equipped with a level 1 Europay Mastercard Visa-certified card reader and new software. Then it will need to be certified. In some cases, there may be modifications to other parts of the ATM or replacement of terminals that cannot be upgraded.

At RochesterATM, we began selling ready-made ATMs exclusively in 2013, so if you purchased a machine from us or another supplier before 2013, you will likely need to upgrade the ATM to be ready.

What Needs To Get Replaced and Upgrade?

For ATM owners, the upgrade for EMV involves identifying which ATM equipment parts need to be replaced. All ATMs will need new card readers and to load new software, as well as working with processors to ensure they are following the network and becoming certified. Some older equipment may not be upgradable and others will need more parts replaced, including the main board.