Want an ATM but don't want to have to spend any money or deal with the hassle of managing it or ATM maintenance? Look no further, Rochester ATM has the perfect solution with our placement option.

Placement of an ATM makes sense for those establishments that want the benefit of an ATM machine without having any of the responsibility of ATM maintenance, servicing, or filling the machine. The location receives an ATM without incurring any cost or labor. Triton machines, the best the industry has to offer, are used for all placement options. These machines are top quality and have the lowest down time in the industry making our job easier and your patrons happier.

With our placement packages R-ATM has total responsibility and liability for the ATM. There zero cost or labor to location. R-ATM will set up the back end processing with RBS Lynk, the second largest ATM processor worldwide. R-ATM will provide initial setup, programming and installation of machine. R-ATM will audit machine and do annual routine maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. R-ATM will also provide the vault cash for the machine. The location is only responsible for providing a power source and either an internet connection or a phone line (can be shared line) .

Available to local customers only.

NOTE: All options can be tailored on an individual basis.

How Can a FREE ATM Placement Benefit My Business?

While a location will not make as much money from the surcharge on the ATM as they would in a lease or sale, there is the clear benefit in having the convenience of an in house ATM to offer to your customers. Depending on your type of business you may generate increased traffic due to patrons coming in to use the ATM and staying to buy other goods & services. Another, and most likely the most rewarding is that patrons will have access to their money in your business and will spend it there as well.


On average, total percent sales will increase 20%  by installing an ATM

On average, ATM users will spend 23% more than non-ATM users
Our ATM income Calculator

How does it work?

A Free ATM Placement from Rochester ATM is about as hassle free as you can get. Rochester ATM will install a terminal in your location and setup all processing and settlement with a streamlined process. You won’t have to spend a penny or a minute of your time doing anything. A power source is all that is needed. A cabled high speed internet connection, or a dedicated land line phone line if available is also needed, however for a small fee to cover costs, we can connect over wireless networks if no internet or phone is available. Ready to get started? Fill out our ATM Placement Request Form.