Buy An ATM in New York

Around the block or across the country, Rochester ATM has the best ATMs for sale in the industry.

Buying an ATM through Rochester ATM (R-ATM) will save you money and provide services not available on single orders. With our volume buying power, we can purchase machines at a discount that individuals just can't match. We can also provide real-time online access to machines free of charge.

When you buy a machine from Rochester ATM you can be sure you're working with a New York ATM company that cares about your establishment and will work with you to find a machine that meets your needs. We will set up processing with an efficient system that minimizes paperwork and you'll still receive 100% of your surcharge. Dealing with a flexible New York ATM company like Rochester ATM insures satisfaction.

Local establishments can further benefit from Rochester ATM by enlisting in our lifetime labor warranty program. In order to maintain our impeccable service standards, this program is only available to the Western New York and surrounding areas.

NOTE: All options can be tailored on an individual basis.

How Can an ATM Benefit My Business?

There are 3 major benefits of having an ATM on your premises:
  • The first is the revenue you can generate from the ATM surcharge itself.
  • The second benefit is the increased traffic your establishment will see due to patrons coming in to use the ATM and staying to buy other goods & services.
  • The third is that your patrons will have access to their money in your business and will most likely spend it there as well after taking it out.

Is ATM Sales the right choice?

If you have a location that does cash transactions and has gas, food, drink or other items to sell chances are you will be able to make quite a bit of money from our Sales or Lease programs.

Buy An ATM

How does it work?

At Rochester ATM we keep everything simple and transparent. We are able to customize any plan to suit your needs. When you work with Rochester ATM we provide all processing, account setup, and monthly reporting free of charge. We also provide internal financing for sales & lease to own deals on qualifying locations. That means no credit applications, no credit checks, and instant approval. We make getting an ATM as easy as 1,2,3.

There are 3 parts to every ATM sales deal:

  1. The Equipment (getting the ATM)
  2. Vault Cash Replenishment (filling the ATM with money to be taken out by patrons)
  3. Surcharge Split (determining what accounts the surcharge will be put in and in what percentages)

Based on those three items Rochester ATM will work with you to come up with the ideal program for your ATM sales. Rochester ATM offers a full range of options to get an ATM at your location.

ATM Transactions in the U.S.

2009: 62 Billion
Projected 2015: 94 Billion